Scope of Business

Aerospace Defense

Through half century hard work and continuous exploration, CASIC has owned a complete aerospace defense manufacturing capacity and established national missile defense framework with multi-series, multi-models, all weather and multi-platforms.

In the parade which marked the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, eleven missile models developed by CASIC passed through the magnificent Tiananmen Square, received review of the state leaders and the whole country, showed the new achievements of national defense weaponry building.

CASIC directly participated in 'Shenzhou' manned space flights and Chang'e lunar exploration program. Its aerospace products including solid rocket motors, satellite payloads and components have become indispensable part of the launch vehicles, satellites and manned space program.


Security Technology

Large-size Event Security Ensuring System:
In order to ensure the smooth progress in the security guard of large-size events, the safety of participants and spectators during the events, a set of standardized and specialized business disposal system which integrates all kinds of security resources will be essential. CASIC successful accomplished the task of design and construction of safety and security system for many large-size activities and events, such as Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shanghai Expo and Shenzhen Universiade, etc.
The large event security system is an important support means to ensure the success of various large events (such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup, national celebrations, religious gatherings, etc.)it is composed of the security command system, network and communication support system, dedicated public security system and site technical protection system.
CASIC participated in scientific safety protection design work for 90 Olympic stadiums such as National Stadium (Bird's Nest), Water Cube Swimming Center, Central District of Olympic Stadiums, Stadiums of University of Science & Technology Beijing and China Agriculture University, Wukesong Basketball Stadium as well as undertaking construction of 14 Olympic Stadiums and 8 border security systems.

Urban Security System
CASIC's urban security system is a system designed to meet the demands on large-scale complex prevention & control of fields such as urban public security and urban traffic. Technologies such as multi-sensor fusion, heterogeneous video integration, behavior analysis and identification, portrait identification and 2/3-dimensional situation display are applied into the system in a combined way, so as to realize the complex, multi-level, intelligent prevention & control and management platform meeting the demands on urban security applications.

Border Monitoring System
CASIC's border surveillance system is an integrated system platform which is designed to realize the target of 'seeing, hearing, transmitting far from, and controlling' border areas. By adhering the principle of 'reasonable structure, complete functions, normative standards and combination of peacetime and wartime' on construction standard and system configuration, and aiming to realize advance, high efficiency, integrity and reliability, the integrated, practical and efficient border surveillance system has been built up, so as to completely improve the ability of governing border areas.
The remote video monitoring system is suitable to be equipped for border forces, armed police forces, anti-terrorism special police forces and state security department, and is playing an important role in fields such as commanding height and border defense, important region protection, urban security and large-scale activities.

Emergency and Anti-terrorism Field Information Equipment System
With the rapidly increasing urban population density and increasing mobility of the population, there are more and more factors of instability in the cities where people live; frequent natural disasters, accidents, calamities, social security events, public health events, and rampant activities by various terrorist forces have repeatedly sounded the alarm of urban security for use.
To protect the safety of the life of urban residents, CASIC establishes an effective emergency chain reaction mechanism and to build relevant information systems for field emergency disposal, for the purpose of dealing with various emergencies that may arise, in addition to the implementation of effective monitoring and alarming for the whole society through traditional technical protection systems, air defense systems, object defense systems, and appropriate management systems.

Integrative Forest Fire Warning System
Integrative forest fire warning system uses satellite remote sensing, UAV aerial photography, all-weather monitoring on ground station as well as other three-dimensional information acquisition subsystems to acquire the relevant information of climate and geography, which is transmitted to the integrative subsystem of forestry monitoring command center by wired or wireless network to analyze and manage. Finally the capacity can be achieved, which is of acquiring real-time fire information, high-efficient integration, quantitative scientific treatment and standardized service based on the emergency command system, forming the system of disaster prevention and reduction of forest fire prevention.

 Information Industry

Satellite Application
CASIC is the main national supplier of mini satellite ground receiving systems. A satellite application product chain including research, manufacturing, marketing and service has been set up. It becomes one of crucial power in the fields of satellite communication and navigation.
CASIC radar equipments and technology ranks national first level and are widely used in meteorological observation, traffic control, precision measurement, etc.

Fiscal Product and Corporate Information
CASIC owns the anti-counterfeit tax control system which was appraised as 'Invention with Chinese characteristics' and played a crucial role in cracking down on tax evasion, increasing the national tax revenue.

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Series)
CASIC has made many breakthroughs in the development of UAVs, unmanned ships and near space aircrafts, and developed various of bus testing products, intelligent instrument products, long-range trial and failure diagnosis system. Its testing, measuring and diagnosing technology  has formed a complete industrial chain.

Mobile Communication
CASIC's 'Mobile Communication' satellite communication system is composed of satellite communication subsystem, voice & video collection subsystem, high-frequency radio subsystem, the Beidou command subsystem, wavepoint broadband access subsystem, VoIP subsystem, power supply subsystem and the vehicle etc.
This system integrated all kinds of communication methods, and provide HD video including individual man-carried voice & video collection and transportation, and provide IP scheduling and VoIP service.


Equipment Manufacture

Pressure Vessel
CASIC's pressure vessel is widely used in industries of fertilizer, petroleum, natural gas, chemical and environmental protection etc.

Coal Mining Machinery
CASIC's coal mining machinery is specially designed and utilized for coal mine exploration, and has been widely applied in many large coal mines all over China.

Art Statue
CASIC has made many large bronze statues including Big Buddha in Hong Kong, Maitreya Buddha in Thailand, Kwan-yin in Macao, Kwan-yin in Sanya, and statues of great leaders in other regions and countries. 

International Projects

Transport Engineering
For years, CASIC has been exploring transport engineering construction area, and has acquired wide experience in this field, especially in the highway and airport design part, with high recognition by our customers for the successful references all over the world.

Building Construction
CASIC has undertaken the design and construction tasks of industrial, commercial and civil buildings with many successful references, and has obtained rich experience.

Electric Power Engineering
CASIC develops and utilizes new energy to provide an effective solution to resolve global energy, environment, climate issues, to promote the stable and sustainable human development, and facilitate the harmonious co-existence of human and nature.

Municipal Engineering
CASIC has undertaken the automation and instrumentation systems of large sewage treatment plants in domestic central cities, and vigorously explored the international water treatment market. It has completed over 20 water treatment   and supply projects in many countries like Thailand, Laos, Mauritius and Sudan, and has won the market for its electromechanical control equipment in Southeast Asia and Africa.
Refuse treatment station is applying approach of landfill, incineration, comprehensive disposal and recycle for the reduction and harmless of garbage.

Hospital Construction
Mobile hospital provides integrated medical services including medical treatment, disease prevention and rehabilitation for stationed personnel and quickly upgrade the overall medical level of the stationed place.
Digital Hospital, by means of the computer, digital communication network and other information technologies, this system fulfills the digitalized acquisition, storage, reading, copy, processing, retrieval and transport of voice, images, text, date, graphs and other information. It sets up a comprehensive information system integrating the hospital business software digital medical equipment and computer network platform.